Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Journal Round Robin

I am involved in a Textile Group called COOTS (Central Otago Outside the Square) and I have organised a Journal Round Robin for this year. Here are photos of some of the pages I have completed for some of the Journals. The first is "Best Reads of 2006" my choice for this page was "Jo Seagar Cooks" a recipe book - just for something different. The next one is "Best" and I did best Season - Autumn for my page. Using a poem from Brian Turner from the Book - Timeless Land which are paintings by Grahame Sydney and poems by Brian Turner.

The Third one is Cat Dreams - for my inspiration for this page I used the Book "Slinky Malinky" by Lynley Dodds - from the Hairy Maclairy (sp) series.

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Exciting News

On a personal level, Trevor met with Architect John Blair yesterday and he has agreed to design our new house - how exciting. Almost all of Trevor's work in the past three years has been John's design - they are great.

Display of tea cosies


The Queenstown Embroiderer's Guild co-hosted our annual Friendship Day in Garston (45 minutes south of Queenstown) on Saturday. It was an uncharacteristically cold and bleak day there. We meet with other ANZEG members from Fiordland, Invercargill, Gore, Dunedin, East Otago. We had a fantastic turn out of over 60 ladies which made for a lovely display of work. We felt we may need to find a more appropriate venue to cope with the growing number of ladies travelling to this day.

A lovely shared morning tea was had and then we caught up with other Guilds news and programmes for the year together with a bit of stitching. Here is a pic of our Tea Cosies which were a guilt challenge last year for the launch of our recipe book.