Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Busy Busy

What a terrible blogger I have been, with working full time and "working" on the new house has left little time for creating, hence no blogging. I am aiming to get the books onto Trademe in the next couple of weeks - so stay tuned :). I do have some work in an exhibition at the moment "The Silk Road" once I finish full time, this Friday, I will go in next week and get some photos and post here.

I am meant to be working on exhibition pieces for our COOTS exhibition at the Festival of Colour in Wanaka next year! We have a meeting on Friday and are meant to take one completed piece for photographing - oh dear!

On Friday we have the High School Blues Dinner (a sports and cultural awards dinner). The Speakers are Hamish Carter, Olympic Athlete and Sheena Haywood local photographer. Hayley is excited about what award she might receive.

The local Patchwork/Quilting Guild are hosting "Country Day" in Queenstown this weekend and I was asked to Judge the Quilts the theme was "Diamonds are Forever" I am hoping to get some photos and will post them here next week.