Sunday, 15 June 2014

Class from symposium

I took two classes with Jenny Bowker at Symposium. The first a three day class called Images in Applique. We had to take a photograph and Jenny showed us how to translate it in fabric, here are some of the works in progress from the class. (I'm sorry I didn't write down whose was who at the time).

This was Marie from Ashburton, you can see the photograph she was working from in the lower left hand corner.

This was my piece, it was from a photograph I took in Monterosso, Italy, through an archway.

Jenny showed us a wee trick that she uses when doing these type of quilts. She took a piece of paper (about A5 size) folded it in half and cut the smallest hole in it. Below that she cut another hole slightly bigger. You then put the small hole over the part of your photograph to get the exact colour you need and place the proposed choice of fabric under the bigger window to see if it really is the right colour. Hard to explain in words but such an effective tool. here is a pic illustrating this.

The top hole is over the part of the photograph I want to match the fabric to and the bottom hole is my fabric. What you think the colour is and what the colour actually is, is quite a surprise.

The second class was Shimmering Triangles and it really challenged me because I am not a mathematical person and it was all working out how and what fitted where!! Not really my cup of tea but I so admire those who make these quilts.
Here it is in the beginning stages, using Kaffe Fasset fabrics, yum.

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