Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Last Leg

We flew into Singapore and 33 degrees. Phone says 'feels like 39' sure does.  After a debacle with our hotel booking, we have ended up better off at Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway, awesome location right in the middle of shopping! The hotel has only been open two weeks and is fantastic, the staff are very attentive and helpful, the pool area is awesome.

We went to Sentosa Island but was so hot we headed off to do a river cruise.

Caught up with some clients who live in Singapore, they met us at the Polo Club for drinks, really tranquil area near the middle of the city, a few acres of jungle, stables etc was lovely, then we went for authentic Singaporean seafood dinner and topped the night off at the Ku de Ta bar on top of Marina Bay Sands hotel, fabulous views of Singapore at night. 

There was a pool up there but was for hotel guests only, Trev took out a small mortgage for a round of drinks lol
We were at the bow of the 'ship'.
Home now and getting used to cool weather. This is what my lounge looks like, bummer was meant to be done by the time we got back. Will hopefully be finished by thurs

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