Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Observations on France

90% of people smoke! this shocked us, seriously, everywhere you went people were smoking.
All cafés have seats outside, so lovely to watch the day go by. The cafe culture is part of their everyday lifestyle.
90% of vehicles are diesel, even small cars.
They don't have an obesity problem here. You hardly ever see sugary drinks, rtds or energy drinks and not much junk food. Only people over 60 are a bit rounder but the majority of people are very slim
The countryside (and even the cities) are very green, there are trees everywhere, so lovely to see so many trees, most paddocks are surrounded by trees and little forests everywhere, no decimation of trees or centre pivots here, yet they have a massive dairy industry.
Houses, on the whole, are immaculate, especially in the country villages, and all have manicured gardens, with lots of pots of colour, beautiful gardens, so neat and tidy, also lots of vege gardens.

The majority of people we came across were very helpful, and friendly, there were a couple of exceptions but generally great.

We loved France.

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