Tuesday, 9 September 2014

We are here

Phew after a seemingly never-ending second flight from Singapore to London we arrived at 8.30am to a stunning warm day.  Didn't waste any time and got on to the train system and found our way to Westminster wow.  We decided to take a river cruise and see the sights
This was the ceramic poppy display for WW1 absolutely amazing, we are going to head back to there on Thursday and have a look around the whole area, and the Tower of London.  Had a lovely lunch sitting on some fake grass and eating beautiful wraps near the water in the sun, trying to Stay awake. 

We wandered around Big Ben and missed getting into Westminster Abbey but will go back on Thursday.  

This is where we are staying, http://vancouverstudios.co.uk/en/. Lovely apartment with very steep stairs. We are on the third floor, and with weary bones seems to take a long time to get there, lol. The room is nice and roomy, the floor slopes something wicked. Trevor can't believe it. Here is a pic of the gap under the door to give you an idea
The table is on a hell of a lean lol

By this time we are very tired and head back to our apartment and walk down the street to a local pub. The area we are staying in is very nice with streets of cream apartment buildings very stylish and a lovely shopping centre down the street.  After a dinner of fish and chips yum, we race back to our room and fall into bed, yay had managed to stay awake all day.  Tucked up in bed by 7.30 and woke this morning at 5.30. Ready for our day touring on the open top bus around all the sites.

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Ravey Hites said...

Wow - sounds like you have hit the ground running!! I am puffed just reading about it. Great to see the weather is playing nice for you. Spotted anything nice in the shops? ;-)