Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Monet's Garden

Jenny and I set off to the shops this morning we had a short couple of hours before I had to leave to go to Monet's Garden.

Jenny dropped a few Euros in an amazing mall, the shear size of Paris never ceases to amaze us for for approx 2.2million people it's a humming place, I would estimate that it must treble in size with tourists. It's a shopping Mecca, some of the areas are for looking only eh!

I was collected in a wee shuttle with some other ladies and we headed off to Giverny to Claude Monet's house and garden, wow what a beautiful, peaceful, inspiring haven, his studio is to die for and the water garden in particular is sensational.
After such a beautiful afternoon we drove back through wee villages on the way to Paris.  I had the best day.  After dinner we headed out to the 'Paris by night' tour,  will put the photos up tomorrow.

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