Wednesday, 3 September 2014

COOTs Challenge

The members of COOTs were issued with a wee challenge by a local quilt shop, Christofer Robyn Quilts, to use a piece of Kraft Tex and make something and present it at our August meeting. I immediately thought I would make a box - but then thought no, thats what everyone else would make so I made a concertina 'book' and put it inside a gift box (we get given beautiful cheese every christmas by one of our subcontractors and the boxes are too lovely to throw away). Here are the photos of what I produced. I didn't like the colour of the kraft tex so spray painted it, stencilled it, used matte medium and shellac on it - and it held up well, didn't distort or change its hand in any way.

Other items produced were: a 'cracker', book cover, book wrap, box, a top for a stone bust. Sorry I didn't get photos. They are all currently on display at Christofer Robyn Quilts in Wanaka (sorry no website).

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