Sunday, 21 September 2014

Quilt exhibition

For those who aren't quilters, skip this post now, lol

This exhibition is massive over 20 different venues spread over 4 villages, I only managed to do 3 villages and not all exhibitions, due to my late start.
It was interesting that the Europeans tend to focus on design and not execution, their designs were fabulous but some of the execution was not quite to how we would do it, there were a few Australian quilts and they were densely quilted, like we do, compared to the European ones, although the photos of the ones I liked were well quilted.
There were lots of mono printed fabric or painted fabric, and a variety of textures used.

These couple of quilts below, are made from wool felt, and stitched by hand! They were massive

There were lots of this Yoko Saito quilt by French women, the one above is Yokos and the couple below were just two of the many variations
Here is a Kaffe Fasset one, lol

I will post more soon

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