Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Last day in France

Today we woke to rain, it didn't worry me as I was off to Bayeux, I headed down to reception to get a taxi to the appropriate train station, only to be told that because it was raining, there would be a half hour wait, sigh, the nice man on reception said I should take the metro, I explained to him that we had difficulty understanding it, he explained exactly what I should do, and off I went, got the ticket, first triumph, got the right train, thank goodness I didn't need to change trains until I got to the tgv station. Got to the Bayeux train with minutes to spare, yippee, I've mastered the metro in Paris.

A lovely train ride to Bayeux where it wasn't raining. I was so excited to see the Bayeux Tapestry, it's amazing, thought of you Toni when I was there. Spent a few hours in Bayeux and got the train back to Paris.

Managed to get the right metro train back to our hotel, yeusss! Made both the metro trips for €3.40 saving quite a few euro.

Trev spent the day wandering around in Paris, tried to go to the Harley shop for the second time,  ht it was closed, their website is wrong!

Went out for dinner then started packing, fun times.

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