Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Last day in Villefranche

Our last day dawned hot and sunny. Trev took me for a walk to the next bay for brekky of espresso and crossaint, yum.

Got back and we all headed to Eze on the train (2 stops away) we got off and waited for the bus to take us up to the old village of Eze it was about 30 degrees and we were cursing Jeff Turner, who recommended we go there, the bus eventually arrived and took us up the hill about 20 minute ride facing backwards and so hot, felt sick and couldn't wait to get off, Jeff's name was total mud now. Had a wee sit down in the shade and some lunch, then tackled the walk up the hill. It is an amazing medieval village so stunning the photos don't do it justice, and the garden at the top is sensational, thanks Jeff it was so worth it.


We got back down and realised we would have to wait an hour for the bus and then possibly half an hour for the train, that was eating into our beach time, so we eventually flagged down a taxi, best move ever, comfy ride home, and although he was from Monaco, it was 45 euro well spent, even though I was having a fit because the meter was saying $145 and I was panicking, all worked out well and we finished the afternoon soaking up the rays on the beach. 
It was my choice for dinner and we went to a restaurant called 'G' so delicious, Trev had recommended octopus for entree, and the other three of us had scallops, the octopus was Devine. Trev then had recommended risotto, with scallops, Jenny had duck, kelv had lamb shank and I had beef, all so yummy and one of the best meals so far, we finished off with crime brûlée (can't come to France without having that) and a marshmallow dessert.

Tomorrow Trev and I off to Avignon and Jenny and kelvin away with friends, from switzerland, through Italy, we will miss them, but will meet up again on way home in Singapore.

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