Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The Colosseo

We went to The Colosseo and The Roman Forum mind blowing

We then we to the Spanish Steps but couldn’t find the Trevi Fountain (so we ate a gelato instead). Then went onto the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which had an exhibition on there about the WW1. The monument (which is massive) was completed in 1921. It had an elevator which went to the top and had views all over Rome

Very hot and sweaty now so back to Hotel for siesta.

I am typing this at 4:30am (bloody jet lag) but other than that we feel good and are off to the Vatican Museum, St Peter’s Bascilica and Sistine Chapel today. Caio


Anonymous said...

Worried about your relationship when the first thing you notice on arrival after long flight is the Hansome YOUNG Italian with a Merc!!!!!
How can anyone miss a huge fountain?? Are you sure its not the young Italian men that make you hot and sweaty?
Cheers DDF

russ.bev said...

Hi, Wendy & trev pleased you have arrived safe & sound. Thanks for photos & news.Hayley was pleased to hear from you b4 heading to @ work so I escaped down town for coffee b4 picking up mick.did Trev chat to the pope today ????

have fun, Mum XXX

russ.bev said...

Lovely photo of trev outside St Peter square.Is that the Pope outside the window with a flag with writing on it(I know where you live I have heard all those rude things you have said about me I'm watching you ! !) O trev or St Trev run run no wonder your all hot and sweaty.