Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Sightseeing and Shopping

This morning we got the open topped bus around the area of Florence on the other side of the Arno River. Very beautiful. The city centre itself is quite compact and outside the city the houses seem to have good sized gardens.

Then we went to find the markets – lots of leather – bagsw, handbags, belts etc very exciting – made a couple of purchases!!

All the galleries and museums are closed in Florence on a Monday but we found the Cezanne exhibition was open so we visited that – Trevor really enjoyed it :)

Not far from our hotel are THE SHOPS – all the label ones – I wasn’t allowed in those – although I sneaked into Save the Queen.

Then it was time for more mundane stuff – laundry – it is way too expensive to have it done at the Hotel.
Today it was 36 degrees – very hot – thank god for our air conditioned hotel.

Here is a shopping basket to carry home all the purchases! It is about the size of those “Little Tykes” cars for toddlers.
Tomorrow we are off to Siena for a day trip.


AbbyKat said...

36 degrees - we are struggling to get to 6 over here!!
I want one of those shopping cars - will it fit in your luggage?? LOL

russ.bev said...

O Goodie my pressie will be from SAVE THE QUEEN SHOP Yippy
The Queen nana