Saturday, 23 June 2007


We left Rome – reluctantly – we really enjoyed it. Our train was delayed and whilst we were waiting we had a cappuccino at the Station – it was nice although they seem to drink their cappuccinos tepid here. Trevor went for a walk to find the Gents and after following about nine signs found it underground but there was a large queue and it was coin operated to enter so he didn’t worry about it – he was away for ages. When he came back he informed me that there was a mega shopping mall under the station but because we only had five minutes or so before our train arrived I couldn’t get to go and see it – bummer!.
The train journey took about four hours – the country side is similar to New Zealand but with lots of Bamboo.

Monterosso is the largest village in the Cinque Terre (pronounced chenkway tear) group of five villages. Our hotel room is considerably bigger than our last one and is back from the beach but very nice. The temperature is cooler here than Rome – feels like about 28.


russ.bev said...

o what a shame about missing shopping mall more money for later are lucky you had a cappuccino i have been inside for a couple on days mite get into town for one today.You will be pleased the temperature a bit cooler (enjoy)have fun in the sun.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about missing out on the shopping mall under the station - more to spend at the Florence Markets!! Really enjoying reading about your travels and experiences. I got a book from the library so I can read more about the places you have been.
Enjoy the heat while you can - it is snowing here in Dunners with more to come!