Thursday, 28 June 2007

Last Day in Florence

Today Trevor and I went our separate ways – I went to the Galleries and he went walking to find motorbike shops.

I was up early to queue for the Uffizi Gallery. At 8:15 in the morning there was already a large queue. It was an hour and a half before I got in. But it was well worth the wait – it is totally mind blowing. The Rembrandt room was closed for renovation but I still got to see many other famous artists – Michaelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Botticelli to name a few very, very impressive. This collection belonged to the Medici Family (Florence’s royalty) They built the Uffizi Gallery to house their collection. The building is three floor and U shaped – its huge.
I then went to the Pitti Palace – which was the home of the Medici Family. The Pitti Palace is at one end of the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery is at the other – the family built a corridor on top of the Ponte Vecchio (bridge) so they could walk between the two without having to mix with the commoners!

The palace is extremely opulent and is also full of art. The ceilings, doors etc are all very decorated. There are five different museums in the palace – art, some of the rooms of the Medici family, costume, modern art, porcelain, silver and treasures from around the world – this family was seriously mega rich!

The Palace also has extensive gardens – here is a small part of them.
That was my day filled in well and truly. Trevor said the motorbike shops were crap – not much in them. He did heaps of walking a even a wee bit of shopping!!!

We went more into the centre of Florence tonight for dinner and came across some students doing street art and musicians playing – lovely atmosphere.
We were a packed up now and heading to Venice.


Anonymous said...

Trevor went shopping!! Wow - you will have to take him on holiday more often.
Would've loved to have done the museum and palace with you - sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

WOW Wen (and Trev ... yeah right) fantastic effort and so far REALLY enjoying sharing your trip. Awesome effort Wen and hope Trev not too upset at traipsing around with a computer! OH YOU LUCKY THING. ENJOY. Miss you. COLD here.TFVHMC