Friday, 21 September 2012

Alhambra and Seville

Today we were up early and off to the Alhambra Palace. We opted for a guided tour which by-passed the queues and gave us some more info on the area. The palaces were more in ruins than I expected but was still good to see them and you could certainly see how magnificent they once were, most of the damage was caused by Napoleon.

After we left the palace we were off to Seville, our last stop in Spain. Once again finding our hotel was interesting. We had a wonderful porter with lots of energy. You have no idea what this hotel is like, seriously it is a five minute walk through tunnels and courtyards to get to your room – very cool, and an oasis in the centre of the city.

We went, with some relief, to drop the car off, it is quite tiring concentrating all the time – especially negotiating what they call streets here (we would never drive on them at home, all they are is a very narrow lane, with most only going one way and the GPS doesn’t differentiate which way!!). Although I don’t think you would ever consider drive here without a GPS. The motorways are fantastic and you don’t feel like you have driven for four hours.

We spent the evening wandering around Seville, took a one hour horse and carriage ride around, it was lovely. The next day we wandered around the central city, getting lost in all the alleyways, it’s a really nice area. I went to the Cathedral and Trevor wandered around, went for a swim and a beer.

That’s our time in Spain, we were up at 4am this morning to catch a flight to Madrid and then onto Marrakech. The whole time we were in Spain, we never felt unsafe, the metro systems were clean and easy to use, Spaniards dress neater and better than we do, generally they are polite and we never saw thieves or had anyone dodgy approach us.

Arrived in Marrakech, 34 degrees and 23% humidity, and the rest of the time we are here it is forecast to get hotter i.e. on Sunday 41 (OMG!) but more about Marrakech tomorrow.  Adious :)

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