Saturday, 22 September 2012


Our Riad is beautiful, exceptional service and in a way similar to the Hotel in Seville, where it is three or four 'houses' joined together to create the whole Riad, we are very well looked after here, our every wish is catered for. They make up your room twice a day and it is beautifully cool and soothing after the madness outside.

Yesterday when we arrived we hit the streets and headed straight for the Souk.

It is an assault on the senses, smells, sounds (didn't want to taste, anything) and sights all 'in your face'. We looked at carpets and negotiated to buy two, one for the table and one for the floor, I enjoyed a mint tea with the Rug man and Trevor did the bargaining, it took a while, they thrive on this and the man was very pleasant, finally we arrived at a price that we were all happy with and they packaged it up for us.

We thought we had the exchange rate right, but was relieved when we got back to the Riad to check that we did indeed, phew, could have been more expensive than we thought lol.

Ironically, this Riad has the best internet speed and connection out of all the places we have been so far!

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