Monday, 10 September 2012

We are Here

After a one hour delay circling around Brisbane Airport, waiting in the queue to land, we then proceeded to Dubai for a brief stop over and then on to Barcelona, a total of around 23 hours flying, phew.

We landed in Barcelona at 12noon and after a stroll through the luggage collection area we were out of the airport and to our Hotel.  Nice Hotel near centre of the city. When we got to our room, we suddenly remembered the size of hotel rooms in Europe!! Couldn't open the door cos it hit the bed lol!! It has recently been updated and is quiet and clean.

We decided to go exploring and were soon amongst the hustle along La Rambla and the Catalunya, the streets are very wide here and there is a lot of open spaces. We stumbled across one of the many houses that Gaudi designed and had a look through: Casa Batllo - Amazing it has no straight lines.

Thoroughly enjoyed this and so glad we stumbled across it. Had a walk around the back streets behind our hotel and founds lots of nooks and crannies this 'deli' was interesting the meat was 'aged'
Managed to stay awake until 8:30 then couldn't stay awake any longer so had to get some sleep.

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