Saturday, 15 September 2012

Off to Leon

Today we woke to rain again and we were up, packed and on the road by 8:30am heading to Leon. We wanted to go to the massive caves near there so decided to go on the way to Leon, rather than going through Leon and on to the caves. Hmm Miss GPS had us way up in the mountains, very remote, got to a little village where the front door of the houses opened onto the road. There were a mother and son (elderly) leaning outside their house and we stopped - absolutely no English and our Spanish is non-existent, I showed them a picture of the cave in our guidebook and I managed to understand that we were to keep going along the road, we eventually found it (and discovered that we had taken a very remote road instead of the more mainish one).

This photo doesn’t show how mountainous and narrow it really is (this was the main road into the cave. We got to the cave at 2pm and they didn’t speak English either but managed to convey that the next trip to the cave was 4:30!! Bugger, there was absolutely nothing to do there except eat and sit around – okay that’s not too bad.

It was totally worth it though.

We got out of the cave at 6pm and high-tailed it to Leon. We had booked the hotel the day before online and put the address into Miss GPS – OMG the centre of Leon is totally amazing but for pedestrian traffic only … really. After an hour of searching and trying to drive up lanes the wrong way, we asked at another hotel and he directed us there. We had to walk it, eventually we found it. In order for us to access their car park, we had to walk back to our car, and drive it for about 15 minutes on the outer edge of the city and back around into the car park (this is to circuit the centre and all the one-way roads) needless to say we were tired and frazzled now - it was now 9pm!! But it was totally worth it.

 View from the gorgeous wee balcony in our room.

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