Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Have Car will Travel

Picked up our wee car today (a diesel mercedes :D), after extensive mucking around and trying to find out how to start it, it had no gear stick, and there was an annoying message that keep popping up and beeping that it had sensed poor driver concentration and to stop and take a break ggggrrrrr!!  I have never been so scared in all my life - Trevor's perception of how much room he has on my side of the lane whilst passing other vehicles is pitiful - seriously, I spent most of today trying to steer the car with my body weight, I am not being precious about it - he got tooted at as well by other drivers!!!!

Had numerous toll gates to go through - very educational, one we went to the credit card window and when we put our card in it spat it out and said something in spanish on the display, we had no idea what and the bar didn't rise up and let us through, so we pushed the attendant button and waited for the attendant to arrive, he put our card back in the right way up and off we went! One we had to give an operator cash and she couldn't get us to understand how much we had to pay, Trev threw me the wallet and I was 10c short she kept saying the spanish word for 40 but I had only given him 30 after her repeating it 10 times and me not being able to see the coins without my glasses we started laughing and I told Trev to give her notes, but in the end he held out his hand with about $10 in coins and she took what she needed - we were laughing hysterically for a while - and that didn't help keep him in his lane either!!

And on top of all this, every time he went to indicate he would use the lever on the right side of the steering wheel and shoved the car into neutral!!!!

We couldn't believe the amount of wind farms and acres of solar panels.

The hotel we are in now is very beautiful and our room is about 10 times bigger than the last one (mind you it woud need to be its about 10 times more expensive as well) but the internet connection is playing up so photos not at full quality today.

The view from the Hotel is stunning, today when we arrived in San Sebastian, it was around 24 degrees, so the coldest day we have had so far (I even put a cardigan on when we went out for dinner tonight!) - the forecast for the next two days is for rain - lol, looks like it was just as well Trevor went to the beach yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha - oh happy days!! It all adds to the experience eh!