Thursday, 27 September 2012

Good-Bye Morocco

We have had two lovely relaxing days in the Mazagan Beach Resort, on Tuesday we decided to get the  courtesy coach to the nearby city of El Jadida - hmm that was an education, the courtesy coach dropped us outside the old Portugese city so we had a look around there it was very old, and marked as a world heritage site, but sadly it did not appear that there was any restoration work happening, there were people living all through it and they have no concept of putting rubbish in bins (in fact the whole El Jadida city, that we saw, was like this).

We then spent the next half an hour or so looking for a toilet - the lack of public toilets in both Spain and Morocco is pitiful, but (in spite of the fact I don't agree with having Macdonalds, KFC, Starbucks in these places, they are great for toilets :D), but none of these chains have made it to El Jadida, yet.

The smell of this city is dreadful, it is a fishing port so think hot, smelly, rotting fish, fruit, etc. We had four hours to kill before the shuttle came back to get us, we wandered around, and found a cafe selling fresh fruit juice, so decided to sit for a while, we ordered orange juice. Whilst we were sitting there with our juice, I watched them make another juice for someone else - the poured a big glass of tap water in with the juice!!! OMG I had already had a couple of mouthfuls of mine, thinking that their oranges didn't taste as good as the southern hemisphere ones, so I didn't have anymore. Thankfully the shuttle was on time and we headed back to the resort and laxed on the beach and by the pool :)

Hmmmm don't think their water is too good, I haven't ventured too far in the last 24 hours but feeling a bit better today. Just about to head to the airport in Casablanca and start the long haul home.

The trip has been fabulous, we have learnt a lot and have thoroughly enjoyed the contrast between the two countries.

cya at home x

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