Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Our last full day in Barcelona, its doesn't get any colder, a hot 28 degrees (I reckon its more than that!!). We went off to the market this morning amazing array of food.

Then Trev went off to the water front. I had planned to visit a couple of galleries and/or museums today but unfortunately a lot of the museums and galleries are closed Sunday and Monday :( so I had a mooch around Las Ramblas for a few hours, had a look at a couple of churches, had lunch in a beautiful Placa (pronounced platha) which is the equivalent to the Italian Piazza's.

Resting my feet at the moment, kinda glad we are driving tomorrow so my body gets time to recover. (man I sound old) Tonight we went back to the Placa and had a lovely tapas dinner with lots of entertainment goin on around the square.

There is heaps and heaps of graffiti around the city, not on buildings but all the shops have roller garage doors on them and the ones that are closed show the graffiti - its totally amazing.

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